a month ago
I commissioned two gorgeous scarves from Rachel--one for myself and one of my mother--and we LOVE them. They are so well-made, beautiful, warm, sophisticated and true statement pieces. I can also feel Rachel's incredible energy radiating through my scarf and I always keep it close in my studio for warmth and inspiration. Thank you, Rachel!
- Tracy S
a month ago
I've purchased 3 wool projects from Rachel Wolfe: a custom-tailored personally-selected colored wool scarf; a throw-like blanket; and a gifted shawl for my sister (not pictured). Rachel's exceptional standards using only the highest-caliber quality snuggle-soft wool is something incredibly rare, valued and appreciated. The technical craftsmanship is noticeably top-notch on a most conscientiously caring level and execution. So good! Living in CA, I do not have many cold days conducive for wearing the scarf; so I keep it on my bed as a "W" for Wolfe, or in a coil to join the blanket. When I do wear the scarf, I often receive flattering comments from others. Both include a bonus wonderfully captivating scent for my olfactory sense. Way more than the usual sweat and tears, get Wolfe wool for yourself -- for a lot of Love in it. -Peter Alan, California, USA
- Peter A
a month ago
The knitted scarf we received was crafted of fibers balanced just right together. Not just the colors but the combinations of material workign in harmony and creating a piece that is timeless!
- Kurt D

About Veveri Co.

Veveri Co. is founded in reverence, weaving heartfelt relationships between human kind and nature. Our philosophy is in our name.

Norwegian for tissue or weave, Vev is the connection between nature, body, and material. The largest textile mill in Norway during the women's movements was powered by Hjulafossen, a waterfall on Oslo's Akerselva.

Veveri Co.'s commitment to tradition sheds the comfort of light and warmth on the virtues of creating equitable societies. Revering the earth, Veveri Co. creates enduring materials to care for body, home, and each other.
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